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    AMPS (Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride)
    Synonyms: Acrylic Acid-AMPS Copolymer (AA/AMPS)
    CAS NO.: 40623-75-4
    Physical and chemical properties:


    Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid

    Solid content %

    ≥ 30

    Monomer (as AA)%

    ≤ 1.0

    Density (20℃)g/cm

    3 1.10~1.20

    Limiting viscosity number (30℃) dl/g


    pH value (1% water solution)


    Uses: This product can be used as antiscale dispersant in open wide circulating cool water system, oilfield refill water systems, metallurgy system and iron & steel plants to prevent sediment of ferric oxide. When built with organophosphines and zinc salt, the suitable pH value is 7.0~9.5.

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