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    Personal Security products manufacturing from CFI

    Beginning this week May08-May12,2023, Chemfine's engineers, salesmen, and bosses started a security product tour in the United States.


    Work gloves are essential tools in any workspace, protecting your hands from a range of hazards — from minor cuts and scrapes to serious chemical burns. But did you know there are different types of work gloves designed for specific tasks? Well, allow us to be your glove guide and explore the various styles available!

    We are professional safety gloves manufacturing & trading company with more than 10 years experience in all kinds of safety worker gloves field. We have more than 300 different kinds working gloves for your selection .We exported countless safety working gloves all over the world especially America ,South-east Asia and Europe markets . We invested factory and all procedures proceeded in our own invested factory which keep us more competitive in the safety gloves market.


    We have 3 auto nitrile/latex dipping lines and 1 auto PU dipping line that allow us to achieve daily output of Nitrile/latex products more than 6,000dozens and PU dipping gloves more than 3,500 dozens .



     Thank you to the customers who have accompanied us along the way, we will continue to serve you.

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